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Produce Lightweight Aggregate and Precast Concrete
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Vodapruf aims to be an established brand for the Lightweight Wall Panel(Lightweight Panel) Industry. Vodapruf manufactures supplies high quality and economical products such as Lightherm (Lightweight Aggregate), vPanel (Lightweight Precast Wall Panel, ALC Panel), vSlab (Roof Insulation Slab) and Waterproofing Solution. Vodapruf has two factories in Malaysia and expanding partnership with Korea and the Philippines. They also do exports towards Hong Kong, India, Sri Lanka, East Malaysia, Myanmar, and Cambodia. We have participated actively in a total of 14 tradeshows internationally to expand our market. In order to meet the market demands the factory has expanded its sizes from 30,000 square feet to 90,000 square feet. The factory has also increased in sizes from 30,000 square feet to 90,000 square feet to meet the market demands.
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