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DML TX Square Tile Ceiling is a simple square shape ceiling that is very durable, extremely reliable and easy to install. The design is simple and neat which allows applying in all kinds of structural and architectural buildings. The square tiles are made from aluminium that enhances the ceiling properties from dynamic temperature. The aluminium ceiling has standard powder coating finishes as a protection from dust, rust, and scratches. Non-perforated or perforated panels are applied to reduce noises. This square tile lays on the ceiling T. DML aluminium square tile ceiling enhances the excellent appearance to all structural buildings.
DML tile ceiling is the fastest way to get a new ceiling. DML TX aluminium ceiling is designed uniquely to improve installation process efficiently and to suit into the interior design. This aluminium ceiling provides a clear and simple appearance in structural buildings indoors. The pattern of the ceiling creates a wide illusion of space in a room. The uniqueness of the DML tile ceiling is suitable to be installed at hospitals, bathrooms, showrooms, and others.
Aluminium, Aluminium Zinc
• DML TX 606C-1
• DML TX 606C-2
Feature Performance
DurableTough and able to withstand pressure, heat, and tear
LightweightApplies lightweight system component
Cost savingRequired minimum maintenance
Energy saving/efficientYes
Environmental friendlyMaterials used are reusable and recyclable which cause no harm to the environment
Specification Properties
Panel size lay into ceiling teeBevel Edge: 575mm x 575mm Recess: 595mm x 595mm
Aluminium panel thicknessPlain non- perforated:
TX 606C-1 Perforated:
TX 606C-2
Accessories type lay into ceiling teeCeiling tee
Suspension type14gauge G.I. wire hanger [by installer]
[receommended spacing maximum 1200mm c/c]
Aluminium zinc edge & corner finish0.4mm L angle
Company Installation Minimum Order Cover area
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