Sanitary Ware & Fitting

Nov 2 2022
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Sanitary ware & fittings are important internal equipment for a building. It usages ranging from accessories, washing, collecting and discharging sewage waste or water from the daily usage of a building or room. Sanitary ware & fittings can be found mostly in toilets and bathroom but occasionally it can found in a garden or an outdoor place like a swimming pool. It can usually refer to equipment like a toilet bowl, cisterns, urinals, washbasin, shower set, hanger, etc. Most sanitary ware & fittings materials were made up of ceramics, enamel cast iron, enameled steel plates, and terrazzo. Other new materials include fiberglass(FRP), cultured marble(man-made marble), Imitation stone, stainless steel, etc. The normal requirement for sanitary ware was smooth in surface, ease of installation and low in cost but now as new culture and technology being set in it is now required to be beautiful appearance, energy saving and also sound insulation.
As the technology getting more advanced, we got the smartphone, smart TVs, smart car, smart glass and now even the toilet bowl can also be smart. So that's why energy saving is also one of the important points when choosing advanced sanitary ware. If you travel or reside in the country like Europe or Asia, you will probably come across with one of these smart toilet bowls. A common smart toilet bowl usually has the feature of adjusting the temperature of the seat to be warmer, a bidet that helps you cleaning after you have done using, and also spray warm air to comfort your bottom. Other extra features vary by the brand which includes led light, music play, customizing, etc. All this come with a price and usually, the price can reach from hundreds to thousands and might not worth for most home. However, if you think about for daily usage and comfort and even prefer do you 'business' at home than you might need to reconsider it. Some commercial building and hotel also starting to install this toilet bowl in order to keep and attract customers.
A shower is a place where people get bathed by the water that comes from the showerhead spray. It can be a daily basis for many people and the joy of a shower either day or night it can be energizing and stress release. Common shower set for nowadays usually has the feature of adjusting the water temperature, changeable showerhead nozzle, and adjustable spray pressure. Many modern showers set now also equipped with a single overhead rain shower head. Rain shower heads tend to be wider than normal shower head and the spraying is usually more gentle and gives you a luxurious, spa-like experience. Rain shower heads can be found on most swimming pool as this is a better cleaning and hygienic method of a shower before jumping into it. If you are considering buying rain shower heads there are two important criteria that one must consider. First is the height of your bathroom because rain shower heads need to fit horizontally which around 90-degree angle so if the height of the bathroom is not suitable then you will not have enough room for you to shower especially when your head is the same height with your rain shower head. The second is the drainage for your shower area because if your drainage is not good enough you will run the risk of flooding in your bathroom every time you take a shower. Many people usually think that water pressure and the price are the main concern about buying a rain shower heads but that was not always the case. Rain shower head can still deliver high enough pressure to make you clean and if you are not satisfied there are shower set that built in with a water pump that able increase water pressure too. Although the price of the rain shower head is usually more expensive than normal shower heads, there is plenty option for more affordable one. Consider that this product you might use it for a daily basis, then an extra of few hundred bucks for a gentle rain and spa feel shower might actually worth it.
Usually, a good quality of sanitary ware & fittings would have the following advantage:
1) smooth surface
2) easy to clean
3) corrosion resistance

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