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Aathaworld's team of Architects, Interior Designers, Quantity Surveyors & Engineers are ready to assure superior project development and management quality for our clients. Apart from supplying head-to-tail material, your design & proposal are executed closely by the team of our dedicated on-site professionals. We are prepared to construct your building as well as also post-job services such as general renovation & maintenance. ARCHITECTURE & INTERIOR DESIGN - Generate Idea & Draft - Propose the suitable Material - Finalizing the Architecture & Interior Design Plan - Submission for approval to local authorities PROJECT MANAGEMENT - We help you to handle your projects smoothly & successfully


Aathaworld Aluminium provides supply & installation services for a wide range of aluminium products. Our product range includes aluminium coil, sheet, cheque plate, pipe, roofing, composite panel, wall cladding, and other finishing products to meet different project requirements. Aathaworld Aluminium adheres to the business tenet of ''Customer first, First quality'' and is committed to maximising customers' values by providing quality, innovative, and reliable industrial solutions.


Flytech Engineering Sdn Bhd (FESB) was incorporated in Malaysia on 1st Oct 1999. FESB has changed in accordance with the times when Malaysia has changed incrementally. Initially, our main business started with local assembly and supplying Flexible Hose & Coupling for all types of industries including the Oil & Gas Industry. Besides, the company's business also includes the supply of industrial rubber and hydraulic hose along with associated fittings and couplings. In 2000 FESB has been expanding to be involved in Instrumentation Fitting and Valve. We have been growing tremendously since then and continued to increase our product range from Stainless Steel Hose assembly, composite hose assembly, rubber hose assembly, and expansion joint to marine hose. Due to high demand from the market, FESB has ventured into servicing sector in the mechanical & engineering sector. Supported by the group-wide experienced staff, FESB is able to serve and provide services such as: servicing rotating equipment, hose & tubing installation, and engineering work. Today, FESB has five branches throughout Malaysia with four subsidiaries supplying sealant, generator sets, overhauling rotating equipment, and mechanical seal. We have combined our hands-on experience skills and worked along with various OEM representatives to successfully provide engineering solutions, services, and workshop facilities to carry out the engineering requirements to various industries throughout the country and abroad. In 2009 Flytech was assessed and has successfully achieved ISO9001-2008. Today, FESB is able to offer a complete range of various kinds of hose, coupling, and engineering solutions for all industries. The company's philosophy is to ensure efficiency and prompt service in fulfilling customer needs. With strong support from the OEM principle, FESB has achieved an excellent reputation for its services.


Potok Inter is a pioneer scientific and manufacturing company on the market of air decontamination systems. Since 1994, the Potok solutions have efficiently decontaminated air for different segments such as the International Space Station (NASA and Roscosmos segments), medicine (surgery, presurgery, hospice and other rooms with strict requirements for air quality), food industries (production and packaging zone of fresh food such as milk and meat), social segments (school, kindergarten, office buildings) and others. The technology inactivates 99.99% of any types of airborne microorganisms (SARS-COV-2 and all other viruses, bacteria and mold).


We specialise in the research, production and manufacture of solid surface materials. Today, Marbon has been a renowned producer of premium solid surface goods and has earned a great deal of faith and support from our respected specifiers, dealers, suppliers and end-users because of our strong focus on high-quality products, efficient professional service backup and free consultation. And best of all, at a very affordable price. Always keep Marbon in mind for any future large or small ventures, we'll serve you as a colour match, OEM partner in any quantity or scale. We welcome any sort of cooperation to build up this solid surface sector. Since 1997 Marbon production has begun in Malaysia on the basis of technology imported from the USA and Germany. Marbon goods have passed the SIRIM Content Test in Malaysia with the SIRIM Test Report No: PTC/ER02/362, No. PTC/ER02/585 and 2002KL0986


Landseal Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated on 14 Dec 1995. The company's nature of business is in the construction industry specializing in the application of construction products and services relating to waterproofing, restoration, concre1te repairs, specialized coating, and flooring. The company is registered with CIDB under category G4. Over the years the company has undertaken and completed more than 300 projects nationwide using products from established suppliers worldwide.


Kanamoto & JP Nelson Equipment (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. is a one-stop solution provider for all construction machinery. We specialized in all types of machinery for construction, offshore, oil and gas industries. Whether the concern is an equipment line-up that meets market needs, quality control, supply channels, or a state-of-the-art business model developed to meet changing times, our goal has always been to help customers rationalize their operations. Our main product/service are: - Leasing of products. - Sales of new and renovated items. - Maintenance and service of products. - The trade-in choice for products. - Auction of products. - 24-hour service & repairs


With more than 17 years of presence, Enviroterm is your trusted and reliable environmental solution partner to provide you with the best possible response to your environmental issues. From a young toddler to an adult, we have distinguished ourselves as a reliable and resourceful supplier and service provider. We are well known for the supply of particle counters, test & calculation instruments for environmental protection, energy-saving measuring methods for tracking electricity/heat usage, validation instruments & services and other advanced technology industries involving creativity, accuracy and reliability. Quality delivery and hands-on implementation are what we have done best to ensure a return on investment for our clients. Many of these guarantees can be assured by having a team of competent, confident, skilled, well-trained and dedicated individuals to partner with clients. Our laboratory in Selangor and Penang is dedicated to providing fast and cost-saving services to our customers. These programmes provide local calibration and maintenance services. CRMS system installation, application engineering works to customised needs, education workshop & seminars, rentals and a critical environment. Our main products and services are: - Cleanroom Contamination Control & Monitoring - Checking and control of HVAC - IAQ Research & Control Solutions - Health-Critical Pollution Control Approach

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Orchid Asia Worldwide Sdn Bhd is an Infrastructure Construction and General Works Contractor. Founded in 2015, the company is generally engaged in a range of challenging ventures and gained experience, know-how and expertise in the design and development of solutions, project management services, construction and infrastructure, such as roads and highways, bridges, ports, dams, drainage projects, water and sewage networks, transmission lines, illumination, heating, ventilation, lift systems, power generating systems, renewable energy, manufacturing and construction, plumbing, elevators, escalators, heating and air condition, and others related engineering works. We use the know-how and experience of industrial engineering to deliver in-house advisory services to all out-of-customers in order to develop, implement and monitor them more effectively. We play the role of a main contractor or subcontract for a wide range of projects and provides project management services for the projects. Not only this, but we've also involved ourselves in cleaning/landscaping, storage and even Manpower Supply & Repair Facilities. Our goal is to provide our clients with "I am assured" experience when we are chosen to carry out the projects. Our emphasis on consistent cooperation and follow-up of procedures ensures that the priorities of the client remain a high priority in the planning and execution of all of our processes. Our philosophy is:                                          - Establish a detailed timetable and resource plan to achieve the client's project objective. - Clearly connect to all team partners-Progress of the track project and fine-tune deviations - Survey carefully the quality of the work done - Complete the project and commission it on time Our main products/ services are: - Excavation - Compaction Tiles and Gypsum - Blinding Concrete - Farms work - Steel Reinforcement - Concrete Curing - Concrete and concrete test - Backfilling and soil test - Finishing


FLYING ENGINEERING WORKS is a building & maintaining contractor with more than 20 years of operating history in the construction & maintenance industry in Malaysia. We mainly focus on building various types of building including industrial property. We also specialized in maintaining work for factories including steel & ironwork, civil work, roofing, piping works, etc. Product & Service Coverage: (1) METAL TANK FABRICATION - We are able to fabricate the tank used to contain the liquid for the manufacturer such as oil, water, etc. (2) AWNING FABRICATION - Normally when the factory or company want to extend their building, this is a way to make an awning with lower cost instead of the concrete building. It is a flexible and faster way to expand the building to get more space for their working place. Availableble for different designs. (3) PIPING WORKS - Relocate or New routing, S/S Piping, GI Piping, PVC Piping and Gutter for water Flow. (4) CONCRETE WORKS - Repair or Rebuild the flooring or wall for cracked areas. (5) AUTO SPRAY DISINFECTANT ENTRANCE SYSTEM - The machine will spray the sanitizer from top to down to kill the bacterial to prevent the virus spreading to the environment or inside the company. It will spray for 6 seconds after the person goes into the box.

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Combine Solutions Sdn Bhd provides various solutions for HVAC, ELV and control systems. We are a group of engineers who committed to looking for new innovative products, energy-saving solution and the latest smart control system to help our clients to keep their system on pace with latest technology. Our core services and products including ACMV Chilled water system, ACMV VRV system, ACMV servicing and maintenance and troubleshooting, (BAS) Building Control system, BAS servicing, maintenance and troubleshooting


Greenseal is established since 1977 and we have supplied to 52 countries to date and currently still supplying. Greenseal has a wide range of waterproofing products, starting from the waterproofing for roofs until the basement. We did a lot of prestigious projects all over the world, namely Tat Mall in Iran, Ba Na Hill in Vietnam, One Avigna in Mumbai and so on. For local projects, we have done the waterproofing for SP Setia HQ, Penchala Link Tunnel, Masjid Wilayah and so on.


Rugaval is a regional leading brand of distributor of Flexible and Expansion Joint and producing various kinds of rubber like Rubber Sheet, Latex Sheet, Pre-cut Rubber Gasket, Rubber Moulded, Industrial Roller, Marine Fender, Loading Bay Fender, O-rings, Seals, Epdm Sponge, Teflon Sheet, Bushings, Couplings and etc. The main materials used are Natural Rubber, Silicone, Neoprene, NBR, EPDM, Hypalon and Viton. As a key supplier of rubber products in the region, Rugaval is committed to provide cost effective products for all engineering rubber requirement industries. Our range of products are widely used in the piping system related industries. One of the main is HVAC systems and others are fire-fighting and pumping industries. Rugaval focus on quality product which is important requirement to win in world market and quality service which is responding swiftly to customer needs.


As the leading stockist and wholesaler for various kinds of valves, GP Valve & Actuator Store Sdn Bhd provides you one-stop solution for all your industrial and production plant needs. GP Valve & Actuator Store Sdn Bhd supply and distribute various types of valves & controls products in the industry market as well as to general hardware stores throughout Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia. In addition, we also supply materials to mechanical and electrical works. We are specialised in all kinds of industrial supply such as pneumatic components and process solenoid valves, water valve products such as butterfly valve, Y-strainer, gate valve, ball valve, pressure gauge, auto-drain timer valve, brass & bronze valve, pneumatic and electrical actuator valve, globe valve, pressure switch, check valve, high pressure regulator, pressure filter and etc. GP Valve & Actuator Store Sdn Bhd supplies various brands of control valve in Malaysia, and these includes Herion, Buschjost, Sirca International, Parker, GSR, Norgren, Insert Deal, Amisco, Arita, MARS, FAF and etc.


Dynaciate Engineering was incorporated in May 2002, we experienced in providing customers with construction, fabrication and engineering work particularly towards the engineering-based activities. Our initial business activity was in providing minor repair and maintenance of the piping systems and structures, including the supply of pipes before expanding to our present business operations providing engineering and construction of plants, facilities and buildings, steel fabrication and related products and services. And subsequently, we also involved ourselves in site construction and activities in general industries as well as the Oil & Gas industry. Throughout the years, we have gradually secured our owned fabrication workshops in Pasir Gudang and Gebeng with a total covered area of approximately 23,900 sqm. We extended our presence to Singapore through the incorporation of Dynaciate Singapore in 2014 with the aim of serving existing customers and solicit new customers in Singapore. Additionally, in 2015, we set-up our sales and marketing office in Puchong, Selangor to work closely with our customers who have head offices in Klang Valley. Our main services: Customized Engineering Steel Fabrication, Tankage & Pressure Vessel Fabrication, Skid Fabrication, Pipe Spooling Fabrication, Reel Fabrication, Steel Structural Fabrication


Beginning from humble roots since 1985, introducing modern play equipment in Malaysia, DSP is today a well-established HDPE manufacturer and one of the world's leading PE sheet extrusion companies. We have in-house sophisticated production facilities equipped with sheet extrusion, steel fabrication, CNC routings, and a 4,700 square meter storage. With our expertise and years of experience, we proudly represent as the most complete HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) extrusion manufacturer in Malaysia to offer worldwide consumers a one stop solution in playground, park and recreational purposes, including design, consultancy, fabrication, installation and maintenance. Apart from our local market, DSP Is highly involved in exporting HDPE and PP sheets throughout world, including Germany, The Netherlands, France, Turkey, Italy, Australia, Korea, Japan, USA, Indonesia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and New Zealand. Providing the best services and products of the highest qualities, DSP has been able to ensure the confidence of our customers both locally and internationally which includes a wide range of industries, extending from sports and recreation, building and construction, aquaculture and hydroponics, acoustics, furniture to engineering. DSP offers innovative product solutions to satisfy the various needs for every industrial requirement. We have developed a research and development for design, evaluations, fabrication and production to meet the utmost requirements of our Customers. Manlapeneâ?¢ HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Sheets, one of our chief selling product, are extruded using quality Polyethylene (PE) resins. The sheet or panel are used as a very versatile building material and is considered to be the best replacement to plywood and many other materials, by virtue of its many beneficial properties and easy fabrication.


Our company has been established since 1993 and being appointed as the distributor of Brady in Malaysia. We have been supplying our products to customers from various industries such as solar energy, electrical & electronics, food, medical, oil and gas. We are also equipped with customer support, including consultation, on-site inspection, installation and technical problem solving.


Swichtec Power Systems Sdn Bhd (SPSSB) is a leading power solutions provider specializing in Standby Power Systems for Telecommunication, Industrial, Utility, Transportation and Oil & Gas where continuous power is essential. If you are wondering how we do this, here is how: [1] We provide various products that ensures that your equipment is provided with a constant flow of electricity. [2] We are the local manufacturer of Rectifier for Telecommunication and local agent/distributor of AC/DC UPS for Industrial, Utility, Transportation and Oil & Gas; from EATON (AC UPS & Rectifier for Telecommunication/Communication/Data Centre), CHLORIDE (Industrial DC UPS for Power Plant/Utility/Transportation) & CEG (Industrial DC/AC UPS for Oil & Gas/Power Plant/Utility/Transportation). [3] We have supplied more than 20,000 units of AC/DC UPS systems and batteries in the industry. [4] Our range of products include Industrial AC/DC UPS, conventional and modular Commercial AC UPS, AC inverter, Industrial Batteries (Lead Acid, Lithium Ion, Nickel Cadmium, and Nickel Iron). [5] Our products have been proven and used in many key industries in Malaysia. [6] We are highly flexible in product customization to effectively meet your business needs. [7] Our team comprises of technical experts in standby power and your satisfaction is our main priority.


Radi-Cool is the only technology with Zero-Energy radiation cooling in the present world. We provide a cooling solution with Zero Electricity consumption. Our products with extraordinary properties not found in nature to act as a kind of air conditioning system for structures of any objects underneath without power input. Radi-Cool owns large-scale industrial applications, core intellectual property rights and global patent layout of Passive Radiative Cooling Technology. The first product line was set up in Colorado, USA, while the massive product line was set up in China, and now has finally come to Malaysia. We aim to provide reliable, green, revolutionary, economic, and environmental-friendly solutions to achieve high energy efficiency and reduce global warming effects.


TWT manufactures, supplies and applies SmartCoat. SmartCoat is a liquid nano solution applied onto surfaces. Upon application, the environment will self cleans, self sanitize, self deodorise, purfies indoor air and mold resistance for a period of 1 year before the next application. The product is tested internationally by various welknown testing organizations and also FDA approved in Thailand. This product is made in Malaysia and it is also available in many countries around the world. The product has won numerous awards in internation science events and in 2015, SmartCoat also won the NEW PRODUCT AWARD in Archidex 2015. This product has a very vast application from early education facilities, to health institutes, green buildings, commercial offices to public transportations and many more for various prevention application or problem solving application base on what it can do. TWT has a strong R&D team to develop and improve the technology. Apart from this, SmartCoat is not only available in Malaysia, but it is also available internationally in 15 countries worldwide and we are still growing.