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Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a company perform in the business of sales, service, and marketing for the Panasonic brand of electrical and electronic consumer and business solutions. It has a long-standing presence for more than 30 years since it was first established.


RP Space Enterprise is providing 3D printing service which helps to convert 3D drawings into an actual model. The 3D print display models are very suitable for interior designs, which allows clients to visualize the interior design through a model which they can hold on their hands. Other 3D prints such as display models or functional parts are also viable as long as the 3D drawing is provided. Then the 3D printing will able to produce the models/parts based on the 3D drawing.


Metronics Manufacturing Sdn Bhd is a local manufacturer of RAYTON Surge Protection Device (SPD), utilizing the technology from German and USA. The main function of SPD is to protect and prevent sudden high voltage/power surges originating from lightning (external - atmospheric) and Industrial switching (internal - factories/home) from damaging the nearby or connected electronics equipment and machinery. It is also capable to protect equipment with AC power (3 phase and Single Phase), DC power, Signal/Data/Video/Audio and last but not least, POE for any IT/security and surveillance gadgets. The SPD is also certified with complying to the dielectric test by SIRIM QAS which is Malaysia organization for standards and quality. The Surge Protection Device is supplied throughout every state of Malaysia which includes East Malaysia Sabah, Sarawak. The product is also supplied to other Southeast Asia Countries such as Thailand and Indonesia.


Blue Snow Energy was set up in 2005 to provide boutique energy and building technology services to the building and infrastructure sector. The focus was to assemble a team of industry professionals to assist developers, owners and design teams to enhance the energy performance of buildings in its design stage and buildings that are already in operation. As the company progressed, clients were increasingly asking for total solutions as opposed to just analysis. This drove Blue Snow to develop its own solutions as well as partner with other solution providers to provide services ranging from audit, design, analysis, solution implementation, commissioning, and maintenance. Today Blue Snow, an Engineering Consulting entity registered with the Board of Engineers, provides full and comprehensive Engineering, Energy Management and Energy Know-How tailored to your business ideas


Future Deco Marketing Sdn Bhd is a company that provides fabrication, supply, and installation. Future Deco Marketing was established in 2003, starting as a trading company that earned RM10 000.00 business turnover. The products offers are Solid Surface, laminate flooring, quartz stone, tiles, cultured marble, and other related products. Future Deco Marketing supplies products and provides services to enhance the fabrication and installation process to become efficient and effective. The services provided meet customer needs and lead the company to grow drastically. The success of Future Deco Marketing can be shown through revenue gained by achieving 1.5 million yearly.


Wing-M Resources (M) Sdn Bhd has it's business principally based in Perak, Malaysia and is also the processed silica sand and Kaolin powder manufacturer that supply for the Construction industry such as Skim coat, Adhesive, Paint, Plaster industry, Ceramic industry, etc. Currently, Wing-M has three Silica sand processing plant in the Perak, Malaysia and the produced sand is near to white in colour. Other than Silica sand processing business, Wing-M is also involved in Kaolin and clay powder manufacturer. We processed the generous deposits of high-quality minerals found in the Perak, Malaysia. The processed silica sand and kaolin are able to supply to whole peninsular Malaysia especially the nearby state such as Perak itself, Kedah, Penang, Pahang, Kelantan, Selangor, KL Kuala Lumpur.


ExcelSports Sdn Bhd is a sports flooring contractor that offers all clients a wide range of Indoor and Outdoor Sports Surfacing System that meets the International Standard and Regulations. The company is also a CIDB registered company(0120160627-SL176307) in the state of Selangor. The company is capable of supplying and installing the following range of Sports facilities such as Badminton Court, Futsal Court, Basketball Court, Lawn Bowls Green, Netball Court, Volleyball Court, Sepak Takraw Court, Synthetic Track, rubber flooring, interlocking rubber tiles, tennis court, Multi-use fields, Playground Equipment, Ice Skating Rink, Driving Range, Resilient Polyurethane Sports Flooring, Resilient wood flooring, gymnasium flooring, retractable seating, sport equipment, etc. ExcelSports Sdn Bhd believes in offering the best to its customers to fulfill the motto of BEST Sports Specialist Contractor in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific Region.


Primelay Smart Flooring Is a registered flooring brand which is run & operated by PSF Industries Sdn Bhd, formerly known as 'Taureans Concept Sdn Bhd'. The company is based in Malaysia, Primelay smart flooring is a worldwide leading flooring brand since 2010 focusing on providing the best quality rubber flooring for various fields. Those fields included Luxury Vinyl Flooring, SPC Click Vinyl Flooring, Gym Flooring, Sports Flooring for Futsal, Badminton, Tennis, Basketball, Volley Ball, etc. playground Flooring, Rubber Flooring, EPDM Rubber granule, PU binder for EPDM, etc. Primelay Smart Flooring also involve in domestic wholesale/retail & project business in Vinyl flooring ballistic, rubber paver or underlay for carpet, timber laminate flooring, etc.


Montis Inspection & Services Sdn Bhd is specializing in integrity inspection and non-destructive testings. The company is wholly-owned by Bumiputera and is based in Malaysia. It operating in power plants, oil and gas industry, petrochemical plants and other heavy industries entailing their shutdown and emergency requirements. Our philosophy is to serve the best quality and commitment to customers by providing the professional, efficient and reliable NDT (Nondestructive Examination / Nondestructive Testing) services, fabrication, mechanical, piping and civil services. The objective of Montis Inspection & Services Sdn Bhd is to provide opportunities to the locals in participating in engineering and maintenance activities.

Furthermore, the company aims to experience the current technology transferred from international expertise. Montis Inspection & services Sdn Bhd specializes in NDT as mentioned before, provide a complete range of non-destructive testing equipment and services. The company core business is doing the inspection of as-fabricated piping, pressure vessels, painting, and tank. Other than that, we also offer conventional NDT inspections such as MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection), DPI (Dye Penetrant Inspection) and advance NDT such as PAUT (Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing), TOFD (Time-of-flight Diffraction), C-Scan and also industry radiography tests using isotopes and film. Montis Inspection & services Sdn Bhd employ personnel who are active members of MLVK, ASNT, PCN, CSWIP, and API; With broad experiences and who always stay abreast with the current development of the industry. The company poses the skillful management, technicians, and services to satisfy all the clients need.


Multico Enviro (M) Sdn Bhd is the subsidiary company of Multico Global Enviro Pte Ltd that is located in Singapore. Multico Global Enviro Pte Ltd is also the subsidiary of Multi-Corporation Pte Ltd and its main business is the provision of alternative energy solutions based on renewable energy resources such biogas, biomass, RDF, Oil & Gas, etc. The company is the business partner and packager for Steam Turbine Solutions and Biogas Engine Gensets and it offers Steam Turbine solutions ranging from 50kW to 25MW for power plants, waste to energy. The regional hub in Malaysia also provides sales, proposals and after-sales support including engineering and various power generation solutions.


Metex Modular Sdn Bhd consists of a team of professionals and builders specializing in design, manufacturing, and construction of modular buildings in the areas of Education, Tourism, Recreation, Housing, Workers Camps and Buildings Facilities. With this expertise, Metex Modular Sdn Bhd will assist redesign conventional designs into modular concepts. By changing to the modular concept, construction time will be reduced and ensure better control over the quality of the building. Modular construction is a process in which a building is constructed off-site, under controlled plant conditions, using the same materials and designs to the same codes and standards as conventionally built facilities with half the time lesser normal. Completed modular building is then assembly together on-site, to achieve the identical design intent and specifications of the site-built facility without compromise any feature. Metex Modular Sdn Bhd is 30% owned by Mr. Maran Dorairaj from Singapore with the other 70% owned by Metex Steel Sdn Bhd, a 100% owned subsidiary company of Chin Hin Berhad, one of major building material supplier in Malaysia. By working under one roof, Metex Modular Sdn Bhd is able to provide a one-stop solution to the client by using all the best quality of building material with competitive price.


Auto Power Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd was first started in 1989 under the business name of POWER ENGINEERING, since then the company has expanded into a major manufacturer and assembler of high-quality switchboards. The company was incorporated as a private limited company in Malaysia in 1996 under its present name and is registered with Jabatan Bekalan Elektrik (Suruhanjaya Tenaga) as a licensed switchboard manufacturer and electrical contractor. Since its beginning, the company has supplied a wide range of LV electrical switchboards to various construction projects in Malaysia. It gained a good reputation for manufacturing quality switchboards within tight schedules. Under a team of dynamic and experienced management coupled with a dedicated and skillful workforce, the company has even successfully exceeded industry standards for switchboard manufacturing. With such an impressive performance. the company) has also created a pool of loyal customers and suppliers alike. Equipped with vast knowledge. skill and experience the management has a vision of manufacture the best quality products for its customers thus establishing it as a leading manufacturer and assembler of switchboards in the region.


Studio H Interior design is an established interior design firm who focus it works around PJ Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. The design firm specializes in doing design concept of cozy, minimalist art, modern classic and personalized touch up. One of the houses projects in Tropica Gardens has the Interior fitting out for investment and also blended in owner's preference in classical design to create a modern classic design. Studio H has completed many condos and houses design work which includes, Pavillion Hilltop at Mont Kiara, Tropicana garden, apartment and other houses and condos around PJ Petaling Jaya area. Studio H also hired dedicated contractors to do the renovation works in order to deliver nearly perfect workmanship.


Keshun Technologies Sdn Bhd is the subsidiary company of Keshun Waterproof Technology Company Limited (CKS) from China. CKS was founded in the year of 1996 and the headquarters is set up on Chine province, Guangdong Shunde. It business nature is revolving waterproofing industries that combine together with R&D, manufacture, marketing, technical service, and project construction. CKS is also a vice president of China Building Waterproofing Association that lead the industry association and top 3 enterprises of the waterproof industry in China with 7 consecutive years of ranking on the top two of "Top 500 Real Estate Best Waterproof Brand ".

CKS has four subsidiaries of brands, such as 'CKS'€ for general engineering, 'ELOKT'€ for household series and 'ZT'€ for plugging and 'PLADEN' for metal roofing protection. We can supply perfect product system, including waterproof membrane, waterproof coating, rigid waterproof material, plugging material, dry mortar and drainage sheet to provide One-stop excellent waterproof solution. CKS Research and Department Center is one of the three major R & D centers of the building waterproofing industry. More the 100 staff in R & D team includes postdoctoral, doctoral and master's degrees and the annual R & D expenditure is more than 3% of the company's sales revenue. CKS has signed a research and development cooperation agreement with many famous universities and research institutes, such as Tsinghua University, USTC (University of Science and Technology of China), Chinese building materials science academy Suzhou Institute. At present, the company owns and applying for more than 90 patents, over 40 scientific research items identified by provincial and ministerial, participated in countries and industry standards 32 items and industry technical specifications 16 items. CKS has been rated as the national post-doctoral research station, the National Torch Plan high-tech enterprises, China Building waterproofing industry standardization laboratory, and so on. CKS has come a long way in waterproofing industries, throughout the year of experience has provided us the diversified waterproof system solution that able suitable for many countries usage. Such as the National landmarks, municipal Engineering, traffic engineering, residential commercial real estate, and special projects and other fields. In addition, CKS has established a long-term stable strategic cooperative relationship with over 100 real estate developers and construction companies such as Country Garden, Evergrande, China Fortune Land, Wanda, Poly Real Estate, Shanghai Real Estate and become the core supplier for them.

With the slogan of CKS company "Technology Keshun, Integrity Keshun, Service Keshun" as the development strategy, CKS strives to be the loyal protector of the construction to achieve the great vision of CKS "Aspiration and perseverance, shaping a centurial Keshun".


Bond Ace starts exploring the potential of Bonding Technology from the US in the year 2006. With our observation on the product performance and strongly believe the capability of this product concept, we start selling it in the year 2011. Whilst leaving the US with more than 5 years of experience, we started our own Brand known as Bond Crete. In the year 2016, we rebranding our products as Bond Ace. Our objective is to be the Supplier and Manufacturer and offering Superb Bonding Solutions in the Building Construction Industry, as well as any other associated products that we are involved in basing on high levels of quality, service, and innovation catered for both residential and commercial applications. "Bond-Ace" to date, is the largest privately-owned Bonding Agent Manufacturer in Malaysia. A Bonding Solutions must prove its ability to perform bonding strength in hash and uncompromised Construction site conditions and the evolution of construction method as well as the materials. On research and development coupled with our technical knowledge and Stringent Quality Control, Bond Ace products are tested by local SIRIM and complying EN standards.

We have been maintaining our positions at the front places of the industry for years. These earlier ideals have proven themselves well as the company has proposed to the point that today, it is growing rapidly in size and prestige as well as expanding its scope. Our commitment to professionalism and good management are evident in the results we have achieved and ambitious attitude of our experienced team. We are always conscious of the need to adapt new methods and technology in our operations to stay in touch with the demands and needs of the future generations. Bond Ace has succeeded in maintaining its position at the frontlines of the industry by working closely with specifiers, architects, and builders, constantly developing our products, processes, and services for a further quantum leap as well as all forms of cost optimization strategies. To date, Bond Ace has full and strong intentions as well as persistence to continue to grow and prosper, with intention to venture internationally for the future generations.


BW Yee Seng Steel Industries Sdn Bhd is one of the subsidiary company to BWYS Group of Companies, it represents the Group's manufacturing side. BWYS Group of Companies is a well-established company in Malaysia providing the best in scaffolding systems, multi truss & frame systems, advanced metal roofing, total storage solutions, and steel pipes. BWYS is well-known for its market leader in Malaysia with the highest integrity and research-based products & solutions, especially scaffolding. Having a strong foothold in Asia, mainly South East Asia, Brilliant Works€ (BWYS) is synonymous to the affiliate companies within the group of BWYS always aspiring to serve customers with a unique identity, integrity, and innovation. Its solutions and products comply with national standards such as SIRIM, CREAM, and many other various global accreditations. BWYS is highly sought after pioneering the leadership into the Perakuan Pematuhan Standards (PPS) with Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysia under the Construction Industry Transformation Programme to achieve Brilliant Works of solutions and products.

Established in 1999 as a family-owned business, BWYS involved in small-time trading and rental of scaffolding assembly to hardware retailers and contractors, BW Yee Seng Hardware Trading Sdn Bhd has remodeled by leaps and bounds, diversifying and expanding from our core businesses. Today, BWYS Group consists of reputable & reliable brand names such as BW 1462, Metech, Vtruss and Vframe to name a few; all uniquely poised to serve international market segments.

Today, BWYS has full-grown and achieved an enormous growth to a total of ten factories and related firms throughout Malaysia. In order to achieve continuous improvement, BWYS is investing in progressive plans to upgrade our existing facilities to enable us to be close to customers through multiple services locations. We keep on extending comprehensive solutions, services, and products to incentivize our customers. In order to sustain technological leadership, the Group has invested a new research and development company in 2017 to innovate New-To-The-World solutions and products. The Group has signed an agreement with the School of Housing, Building & Planning of Universiti Sains Malaysia to collaborate and synergize to conduct a joint-research program and network the community of steel based manufacturers.


ASLE Green Solution Pte Ltd (A.S.L.E) was officially separated from our Mother group and established in the year of 2015. Originally, A.S.L.E has played an active role as Main Contractor or Sub-Contractor in design & build factory; including all forms of earthworks, civil & structural works, plant machinery & equipment installation. With past involvement in civil engineering works, we have recognized the effect and basis of existing structure problems which required huge funds for maintenance. Conventional maintenance methods are always short life span, and become a continuous issue for most of the manufacturer, factory owner and so forth. Today, we come out with a breakthrough solution for all these problems - Climate Active ceramic coating. Thus, we had evolved into a specialist of Climate Active ceramic coating applicator and distributor to ultimately solving these problems. Besides, we are also the exclusive distributor in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand for the Climate Active ceramic coatings. We have specialized experience in waterproofing, heat insulation, roofing repair & coating, tank coating, exterior & interior wall coating and more. We are confident with the quality of our works throughout the past 7 year of projects that we had received. This often became the credit for us to build confidence among our clients. However, we are still striving for better achievements as current results will never be enough to satisfy our own desire. As a whole, we will always strive to fulfill our clients' requirements and operate within budget and time frame restraint. In complementing our expertise, we are also capable of providing project management and engineering services to our potential clients. Our goal is to serve our customer's needs by providing the highest quality service at a competitive price, by staying abreast of new technologies, innovations, and methods that will maintain and improve our reputation for quality services.


LSK Enterprise Sdn Bhd is a mineral based industry company, which is situated in West Malaysia, state of Perak, in Kampung Kepayang. It main business nature is the sand manufacturer and supplier that covering every state of Malaysia especially in Penang, Kedah, Perak, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley, and Johor. The company was formed in 1996 and started its minerals processing business until 2007. On the year of 2008, LSK Enterprise has decided to utterly focus on processing graded silica sand. This silica sand is widely used for the sector of water filtration, foundry casting, metal fabrication & casting, cement for plastering, waterproofing & hardener material, paint, coating, building chemical, sports & Leisure and etc. Silica sand commonly produces in few common sizes and able to customize according to customer need.


Dynamic Machines Services Sdn Bhd is one of the leading importer and supplier for the finest range of Aluminium Fabrication Machines in South East Asia. It was established in 2008 by Mr Benedict Wilson, an entrepreneur with 18 years of experience in this industry. With global manufacturing and distribution network, our international presence is uniquely multi-cultural, yet distinctly dedicated to a shared vision to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. With a vast understanding and market awareness in supplying fabricating machinery to the aluminium industries, Dynamic Machines Services Sdn Bhd also specializes in providing full maintenance and support for all machines supplied. Our corporate philosophy is to be customer oriented and creative. Our fabrication equipment is continuously evolving to reflect industrial improvements, changing specifications and standards. Our European manufacturers for this machines use high grade factor inputs and cutting-edge technologies in compliance with the international quality standards. The machines are well known for their user friendliness, low maintenance, high performance, corrosion resistance and longer service life.


Schaeffler Bearings (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is Malaysia bearing supplier and specialist for more than a decade. It is also the subsidiary company of Schaeffler Group who manufacture the bearing for the global automotive and industrial professional. All the bearings supply is examined thoroughly to ensure it is high in quality and precision for the usage of transmission, systems engine, and chassis applications, as well as rolling and plain bearing solutions for the huge demand of industrial applications. The Schaeffler Group is nearer towards shaping "Mobility for tomorrow" to a significant degree with the company generated sales of approximately 14.2 billion Euros in 2018. Schaeffler is also one of the world's largest family companies with around 92,500 employees and approximately 170 locations in over 50 countries, has a global network of manufacturing locations, research and development facilities, and sales companies. Schaeffler has obtained more than 2,400 patent registrations in 2018 and awarded as Germany's second most innovative company according to the DPMA (German Patent and Trademark Office).