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Wed, 2 Nov 2022 09 AM

2022 GIMPO City Taiwan-Singapore Export Conference For Business Matching
Online Business Conference

2022 GIMPO City Taiwan-Singapore Export Conference For Business Matching is to boost our associate company's online exposure and South Korea Gimpo K-Product. The event is organized by PIKOR CORP. PIKOR CORP Corporation is located in Korea. In 2019, we have establish a company in Vietnam with foreign investment, this will be the starting point for us to actively support Korean companies to enter the ASEAN market, based on cooperation. with leading government organizations and companies. We bring the right type of strategy to each business through a One-stop service, working directly with experts in 7 fields: Marketing, Event, Design, Advertising, Legal advice, and Online / offline business. Currently, we are cooperating with SUN GROUP - a group that occupies the No. 1 position in producing butane cans in the Korean domestic market - for the distribution of PIKOR - BUTANE GAS mini gas cylinders. Besides, we also distribute consumer products and industrial products, expanding the distribution market to other countries. Below is the company that will be taking part in this upcoming event. 1 ) DREAMCHEF - Kitchen utensils 2 ) HYOSUNG FOOD - Food manufacturing and export 3 ) BEAT HEART - Vegan food and condiments wholesale and retail 4 ) WEDENT - Oral hygiene products 5 ) QUEEN ART - Kitchenware industry 6 ) SAEWONFILTEC - Environment 7 ) SEATECH - TS Freezer System & IQF Freezer System 8 ) U-YANGCHEMICAL - Industrial Adhesive Protection Tape and Specialty Tape 9 ) CUBEGEL - Manufacturing of manufacturing / pharmaceutical machinery

Fri, 21 Oct 2022