ALCAD Vantex Range Maintenance-free Ni-Cd batteries Swichtec

Vantex batteries are renowned for their high performance and reliability with clients assured of long battery life with no risk of sudden death failures. Important features include low pressure flame-arresting vent, high electrical performance and changeability. The batteries are an essential component in power back up systems across the industries oil and gas exploration, utilities, manufacturing and production. All batteries arrive filled with electrolyte and fully charged and have a long storage period of up to 2 years under normal conditions . The batteries are available in up to ten cells to be configured into single integrated blocks connected in series. It also has adaptable block configuration for quick and simple installation.
Industrial Batteries are suitable to used for: [1] Switchgear closing tripping
[2] Emergency lighting
[3] Telecommunications
[4] Control and Monitoring Systems & fire and security systems [5] All backup applications
Nickel Cadmium
• VTX1 L energy range (for long discharge periods with low current)
• VTX1 M medium power range(designed for mixed loads with varying current)
Feature Performance
Maintenance freeNo need to add water throughout the service life of the battery
Energy saving/efficientFast battery charging reduces down time
Environmental friendlyFully recyclable
Easy installationHas adaptable block Installation
DurableBatteries have a long storage period of up to two years in normal conditions
Specification Properties
Capacity8 - 1700 Ah
Dimension (L x W x H)determined by number of cells in the block
Single level charge1.39 V/cell
Two Level ChargeFloat Level: 1.39 V/cell; High Level: 1.45 V/cell
Block ConfigurationsSingle pole bolts; double pole bolts; 2-6 bolts per pole, crosswise mounted on racks
Electrical SpecificationsCertified IEC 62259; Certified IEC 60623
QualityISO 9001; ISO 14001
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