• Standby Power

Swictec represents the leading power solution provider in Malaysia. Prioritizing in product customization, we expertise in standby power and pioneer in Switch Mode Rectifier Technology with the ability to consult, design, build and repair independently to ensure our products are performing at maximum capacity. Our rectifier systems are carefully designed to better suit your needs whilst ensuring quality and great performance. We provide Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Iron, Lithium ion and Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries to ensure a wide range of products. We also supply standalone or modular inverter systems with flexible output power and Uninterruptible Power supply (UPS) that serves as protection against power surges. We provide technical support, repair center for rectifier modules, provision of complete Turn Key, integration, installation and commissioning, site audit, maintenance contract and consultancy.
• Total AC & DC Power Solutions
• Highly flexible in products customisation
• Equipped with highly-trained and professional experts
• Able to live on site under critical conditions
• Product line is equipped with a repair centre
• Highly involved in multiple stages of the development of power solutions

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