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Swichtec Power Systems Sdn Bhd (SPSSB) is a leading power solutions provider specializing in Standby Power Systems for Telecommunication, Industrial, Utility, Transportation and Oil & Gas where continuous power is essential. If you are wondering how we do this, here is how: [1] We provide various products that ensures that your equipment is provided with a constant flow of electricity. [2] We are the local manufacturer of Rectifier for Telecommunication and local agent/distributor of AC/DC UPS for Industrial, Utility, Transportation and Oil & Gas; from EATON (AC UPS & Rectifier for Telecommunication/Communication/Data Centre), CHLORIDE (Industrial DC UPS for Power Plant/Utility/Transportation) & CEG (Industrial DC/AC UPS for Oil & Gas/Power Plant/Utility/Transportation). [3] We have supplied more than 20,000 units of AC/DC UPS systems and batteries in the industry. [4] Our range of products include Industrial AC/DC UPS, conventional and modular Commercial AC UPS, AC inverter, Industrial Batteries (Lead Acid, Lithium Ion, Nickel Cadmium, and Nickel Iron). [5] Our products have been proven and used in many key industries in Malaysia. [6] We are highly flexible in product customization to effectively meet your business needs. [7] Our team comprises of technical experts in standby power and your satisfaction is our main priority.
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