Small Bedroom Solution

Jul 13 2020
A bedroom is an area in the house where we spend one-third of our daily time there, assuming an ideal sleeping time of 8 hours and is an extremely important room. When you are having the biggest room (also known as the master room), then most likely there will be a toilet or shower room attached to your bedroom. With or without added room, it could be a space area that is too small for an owner to move around. Therefore, it is essential to get the right bedroom design solution, from engaging a professional and experienced interior designer to Do-It-Yourself (DIY).

Work on the ceiling by having it to be painted of brighter colours and never use dark as the finishing since the absorption of light will make the ceiling look lower. Furthermore, can install lighting that has is brighter to boost the impact of the bright-painted coloured ceiling. It is the same when we apply to the wall, from the colour choice to lighting brightness although we can also direct the natural sunlight during day time by catching the right direction and design of windows.
There are many ways to meet space-saving in a small bedroom, but the first one we should emphasize would be the bed design. Murphy bed is undoubtedly one of the ideal solutions for many homeowners who will invest on, it is also addressed as pull-down bed, wall bed, folding bed, fold-down bed or foldable bed. The general concept is basically playing around with the support from the cabinet, closet or wall in which bed will be hinged at one end to have vertically stored against these supporting components of your room. Instead of wasting the precious space for your room's floor, you can now carry out more other activities when the bed is not in use.

Sideways-mounted Murphy beds are one of the leading options although there could be customized kind of bed types such as freestanding Murphy bed desk, this bed product allows the desk to be as a part of bed wall, acting as a desk during day time and foldable as bed frame when sleeping time has arrived. This spring-based mechanism allows the lifting to last for at least half a decade or more, while pistons type is also commonly used and not getting worn up easily. It offers incomparable comfortably while providing added hutch for storage beyond your bed place.
We can also make space-saving through several ideas, such as maximizing room area that is narrow and plan well vertically that may give a lot of spare space for more storage. People tend to focus more on horizontal space and also landed area, neglected the possibility of hanging cabinet and with proper installation at those unused areas from man's height to the ceiling. This is also known as floating shelves or floating cabinets, very useful when the room is relatively small but needed more creative storing spots.

At the same time, an owner can also consistently reducing the buy of unnecessary new items to occupy into his small bedroom. Further to the point, regular housekeeping from weekly to monthly can help to discover extra space by removing some obsolete things. Avoid using lights that need standing on the floor as it will occupy the precious space, while the back of the room door is certainly suitable for laundry hamper to be attached. Some dead corners are idle in which carpenter can help some magic from designing a swing-opened blind corner drawer.
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