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Jul 16 2020
Study room has been evolving since the invention of computer and internet, as study room used to be a place only for people to process their paper works from office, school and leisure reading. People nowadays use more computer, electronic devices such as tablet, phone and other gadgets when carry on their education, career and hobby. They works on email, social media, individual company e-platform, websites, college e-portal with their laptop and desktop in the study room. The advancement of technology make them able to conduct their works such as seminar, lecture class, video-conference with one and group of people remotely from home. Classmates, lecturer, customers and colleagues are now reachable with technology regardless of where they are; paper works are getting lesser and lesser with virtual documents and instant cloud computing.

Electronic communication has also taken over traditional fax machine, e-mailing has superseded physical paper mail and major stationery market share has been substituted by computerized tools. In the past, the study room was being utilized mostly by the head of the family as their reading room as well as personal office. Modern study room interior is now designed for whole family to conduct their respective activities from studying, working, online e-commerce, freelance business and leisure pursuit. Anyhow, a classical room for study and work is nevertheless consists of a chair, table, cabinet, book shelf, computer (can be laptop), book, desk lamp, sofa or more. Productivity is now enhanced and being more effective with internet, saving hours of time for transiting to office, meeting and carry out a lot of paper works
Home working and home learning seem to be the future as it can bring conveniences to many people from time-saving on transit, cost incurred on petrol, reduction of carbon emission to the environment and more. Research has also shown that by working or having classes at home, you have more time to spend with your family and efficiency can be higher than in the office or school. With technology development today, the possibilities of getting more and more corporation as well as educational start to carry out a programme that enable participants to do the formal daily routine at home are higher. Nevertheless, lesser stress will be there from perspective causes such as by traffic jam, rushing during peak hour for go-and-back trips to the intended destinations.

Therefore, invest a proper office and study environment in your home is necessary with the advantages shared by common beliefs. Since the interruption by co-workers and classmates will now be reduced, productivity enhanced through private space on your own, the true personal room will now belong to you and your beloved family with better authority to plan and redo the orientation including major renovation. Higher satisfaction through comfortability for working from home make people willing to put more efforts in space planning and get it done incredibly, healthier body systems if able to conduct working from home and studying from your sweet house too as now the exposure to transit germs and building foreign viruses. Work-life balance is an environment that wholly owned by you with possible change mode at any time, happier and creative of you could be the end results too.
Effectiveness and efficiency can be achieved through properly setting up of the environment, whereas productive works usually carried out within the study room. You need to be in an optimized atmosphere to work with your proposal to a customer, assignment for university, discussion with stakeholders, homework from high school, creative ideas generation as well as other ad-hoc tasks. Leisure reading and writing must serene surrounding for concentration too, sound insulation is as essential as the design of the study room. Sound insulation is pretty straightforward, where the noise outside from the room is minimized or none at all will be penetrated to the study room. Whereas, the interior is involving many aspects, from lighting, colour tone, chair, desk, decoration, air quality, direction, temperature, height, size, flooring, ceiling, wall to furniture and fittings.

To sharpen the mind requires the lowest disturbance within the area, and not using a living room or bedroom as your alternative for works. For instance, the air ventilation must be there so fresh air can be replacing the dull one in the room, the temperature must be maintained comfortably, lighting by natural sunlight from the windows or proper brightness from your own lighting, a chair must be adjusted to the right height for body place just like the study desk (necessarily to have adequate lumbar support) and more. Attributes of good study room include also the painted colour of the wall should be warm or inspiring, softness material for footsteps on the floor, enough drawers and shelves for storing of documents and books, organized as well as cleaned-up. Adjust your furniture to make sure enough space to move around and the position of each pleasant decoration shall be well located up to your convenience preference.
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