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Jan 29 2024
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The coating is a kind of covering an object's surface, commonly known as "substrate" whereas the key objective could be functional, decorative or to achieve both at the same time. A slim layer of film will be formed after it dries up or is fully cured after a chemical is being coated onto the surface as the treatment, or any type of film-forming mixture as well as materials coupled with additives, solvents or pigments. The reason why we deposit onto the object for coating is mostly to enhance essential properties and a barrier that is equipped with the protective function will then be created. These shields will enable the surface to withstand any potential environmental risks due to open exposure, preventing the deterioration occurs that subsequently affect the appearance and original characteristics of the object. On the other hand, a coating is also used widely in the reinstatement of colour or colour retention. However, when it is related to decorative texture or colour staining that need to do refurbishment, a skilful specialist shall be hired to assist with this.

There are several coating techniques that can be introduced to the market, such as roll coating, spin coating, dip coating, flow coating, spraying, brushing or more. The coating on the surface can also use sealant, varnish, drying oil, synthetic clear coating or natural pigment to reach the main objective. The different coating has its own drawback in addition to the key benefit and if you do not have the facility, equipment or tool to carry on such work, better to engage specialists in doing so for the sake of quality control. On top of it, users must get a data sheet or material safety data sheet (MSDS) from the supplier of such products, including the applicator for the method statement on how they conduct the work. This set of information will put up all necessary health and safety concerns that are related to the application of such material from its raw ingredients and substances. A method statement is telling us the safe work procedure, which stipulates how the applicator is advised to execute the coating in this case. Logical sequence, risk assessment, measures and all potential risk control will be also stated in that document.
The coating can be presented in another form whereas you are able to imprint the texture to the floor as a concrete imprint or textured wall that makes your room looks awesome. Many of the decorative coatings can create a line that carries the effect of 3D, hence, making the incredible appearance that can make tenants feel good as well as elevating the property's value too. Furthermore, an aesthetic coating can be achieving productive functional features that are anti-graffiti, resistant against moisture, waterproof and more. In substituting wall panel which might be heavier and it requires more cost to install the support materials, the coating seems to be a better option to be taken as an alternative. There are also other disadvantages when you need to find a replacement for existing underlayment for your wall tile, wall panel or other brick and block to install. Yet, when we use coating and apply, we can fully utilize the cost-benefit point by leveraging on what we have for the substrate, from floor, wall, ceiling to roof.

There are plenty of strategies to play around with coating chemicals because the producer's chemist can actually customize the required properties and provide a list of authentic functions as per the original single type. More to the point, additives can also be offered in the market and usually cost less to procure with quantities by a specialized factory that buys on bulk orders. Some but not all of the examples such as anti-carbonation, slippery-proof, water-resistant, glossy, semi-glossy, matt, breathable layers for moisture to escape from a trapped substrate, insulation against heat, acoustic-friendly, attractive surface (although it is varied from case-to-case, personal preference or some other evaluation factors). On top of it, a coating is also applicable on multiple substrates, general type as well as sole purpose kind of chemical treatment. For instance, there are some water-based acrylic coating that can use for sports flooring, concrete or cement unit of external and internal, masonry surfaces, providing non-skidding and other purposes.
When you are looking for coating and paint suppliers, make sure they are certified with licenses, SIRIM cert (Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia), DOE (Department of Environment), ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and other relevant safety to health authorities that are recognizable to show that what you and your worker, customer and end-user are using do not have any headaches as in, creating a hazardous environment, pollution, damaging own and others' healths. Suppliers often conduct product training, material briefing and examination as service support to comply with their standards. Dealers and contractors always need to equip themselves with those pieces of knowledge, especially the technical know-how so they can guide buyers on what they are using. Some industries tend to be very strict but some are quite loose, depending on which segment.

Pipe leakages due to improper way of coating or inappropriate paint specification are being utilized can have severe effects, if your pipe is underlaid in the water, aqua life and its ecosystem could be highly affected when your medium of conveying is toxic. We will have guidelines to follow from the preliminary stage, application phase to after-sale maintenance procedures. Most importantly, when there are crises occurring which needs immediate rescue reinforcement on properties, assets, workers, tenants, equipment and other welfare, the responsible manufacturer and application team have to be there to come in as full force remedial units. The coating on a vehicle is not the same compared to painting on to your external of the house while applying to machinery and interior should not be messed up too. An object that tends to expose more to sunlight ultraviolet (UV), rainwater, foreign chemicals shall use a stronger formula to their composition but the internal areas with moderate levels of moisture content, ventilation, less challenging environment can apply mild ingredients to save cost.
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