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Jun 25 2020
There are many types of materials can be used for the fabrication of the kitchen cabinet, such as stainless steel, plywood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), particleboard with melamine, fiberboard, hardwood, wood veneer and more. Timber is the most popular material for a kitchen cabinet, and species that can be applied to build the cabinet are such as, red oak, white oak, pine, ash, cherry, birch, hickory, hard maple but yet all of them have their pros and cons. The natural wood appearance elevates certain design theme. Its customizable feature make a wide variety of patterns available, as well as the health benefits of these durable materials to the users of a kitchen, shall not be forgotten.

Many people today also go for stainless steel since it requires minimal upkeep that no mould, fungus, bacteria and liquids will be able to penetrate while enjoying the privileges of resistance against heat, moisture, chemical and later, highly reliable and sustainable. Moreover, we have the MDF that does not warp under even though it reacts to humidity, temperature or any sudden changes. Similarly, melamine that provides smooth and durable laminated plastic saves the cost of getting painted and stained onto their surfaces. The application of wood veneer that consists of multiple layers that stick together will make buyers less headache since less as less likely the cracking and splitting will occur. Suitability is high as long as the material is waterproof and robust to withstand multiple elements since the kitchen is an area that exposes to high humidity, fluctuation of hot temperature, a spill of oil, chemical and water.
There are several cabinet designs in the kitchen users can consider installing, either custom makes or purchasing the ready-made one. For instance, the classical or traditional one that focuses on some details such as bead-board that has wooden hues or some other similar colours such as coffee or dark brown. In term of the door, this design might be having raised a panel while attaching with a frame around the door. Of course, a functional design-oriented shaker cabinet that is usually built with flat door panel with rail framing can represent the cleanliness and simplicity of the kitchen. Many countries in the western prefer to go for rustic style in which it showcases the authentic of the kitchen, the material can either be painted with such stain or made up of hardware based on mainly wrought-iron or rubbed-brass.

Just like the contemporary living room design that has been shared, smaller kitchen space can apply the design of the contemporary which taller flatten surfaces for both interior and exterior while glass, plastic, concrete, the metal or wood are materials that are suitable for assembly. Side by side with the similarities, slab cabinetry finishing can be as identical to the contemporary and show more modernized effect. This solid flat design extended to its door style that consists of no frame as well as a panel while the top durable material, stable hardwood species is usually the choice among other priorities.
Country Style kitchen is as similar to a traditional orientation but its aesthetical design works with the more on the signage of vintage and stencilling while maintaining farmhouse feel in the rural area. Then, the style of craftsman that was so popularized during the late 19th century where the production was massive and its finishing is exaggerating from the usage of timber species including maple, hickory, quarter-sawn oak and cherry through their heavily independent natural colour tones.

Glass-front style of cabinets is more toward its extensive application in displaying of what is being stored in the shelves, minimizing the obstructed views from the solid wood door panel and offer highly practicality to the house owners. The tidy arrangement of kitchens, bowls, glassware that placed at men's view position brings conveniences to most people. The louvred cabinet is another choice for housewives who prefer to ventilate their storage through space between horizontal wood slates. As per proceeding to a plainness style in interior design, the kitchen is now combining open shelving with wall cabinet, keeping all frequently used spices, utensils, dishware exposed without covering that highly adequate if housekeeping habits are there among members of the family.
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