Modern Kitchen Design

Jul 13 2020
Modern Kitchen Design has an almost infinite of style available and is a field that constantly changing with the social environment and functional need. Kitchen is not a section that requires for all modern houses design especially SOHO unit but for a newly formed family kitchen is the soul of a house and dream house kitchen is part of the soul. After all who does not like a home-cooked meal? A modern kitchen might be very hard to attain but every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. To begin a modern kitchen design, there are few challenges that worth mentioning. Spacing is the first key towards a good design of the kitchen and must put into one of the top priority. Adjusting the spacing for sinks, refrigerator, stove, tabletop, kitchen cabinets, etc to ensure a normal kitchen can be fully functioning. In modern housing such as condominium, apartment, terrace or link house, bungalow, and semi-d house. For a much smaller space houses like the high-rise unit condo and apartment, kitchen space is much more precious and need to adjust to fit everything inside. From the above picture that taken on a condo unit near the Petaling Jaya PJ, the style uses Peninsula kitchen or similar to an L shaped kitchen with island (refrigerator) on the side to keep the space wide enough for cooking and walking. The dining area is also set with a small dining table suitable for the average household size of Malaysia (less than 5 people). Smaller cabinet and chair also consume lesser space and provide more extra space for other functional purposes.
Next is to decide the kitchen design theme. The design theme is usually sorted out with client with an interior designer because every client has their own taste and suitable for its own or business usage. A simple white kitchen design is most suitable when you do not have one in mind because the usage of white color is easily match with any material and it overall view provide a clean and peacefulness surrounding. Other popular theme such as wooden kitchen, stone kitchen, marble kitchen and glass kitchen is often on house, restaurant, hotel, co-working space, bar, etc . Wooden kitchen theme does not necessarily be everything to be wood and in fact, the wooden theme is more focus on using the colors of wood to create contrast with the its surrounding to create a comfy and natural view. The wood like material can be a natural wood, vinyl, stone or composite wood because different options often provide more reliability and economical used. Natural wood is able to provide natural wood smell to the environment and wood that is high in grade would have a longer lifespan but the drawback would be higher price and not suitable for every furniture or framework usage. A mix and match of wood like material is the best approach for a functional and long lasting kitchen.
Marble kitchen is a much more common design on business users such as restaurants, bar kitchen, clubhouse, diners, etc. Marble provides an elegant and glamorous look for a kitchen and the glossy and radiance it produces capture the eye of the attendee and even brightens up the room under low light. A firm and solid marble like table provide a safe and relaxing feel that keep partaker stay and lean on it. Marble kitchen does not necessarily uses natural marble on each application and in fact it can be vinyl, quartz stone, or any material that look like marble. Natural marble is very pricey and is not usually used on kitchen because of it weak stain resistant. It requires a certain sealer on every year to ensure it stain resistant and shiny surface. So a much more sustainable and lesser maintenance material would be using quartz stone that has the design of marble. This material is better on stain resistant and lesser maintenance required. This quartz stone is common used as the counter-top in kitchen whereas other material such as marble vinyl can be used on cladding of furniture and wall. Marble theme is easy to mix with because of it monochrome color such as black, grey, white to produce a Modern Black & White Kitchen.
Glass kitchen and stone kitchen theme is a much more of a business or own requirement because glass kitchen requires more time for cleaning and stone kitchen is less likely to be everyone favorite. Glass kitchen theme provides a much more spacious feel to the environment and the reflection attribute create a glossy environment that suitable to be situated near to open space or dining area. On some project, a glass wall is placed as a boundary to separate the kitchen with the open space and the transparent wall allow the passer-by to see through the kitchen and observed the preparation and cleanliness of the environment. Glass boundary create a section with a lower space usage and also keeping the kitchen cooking smell and sound away from open space. Other that glass usage, other usage of transparent and good reflection of furniture and cabinet also add up the glamorous of a kitchen and matches the design theme. On the other hand, the stone kitchen is much more suitable for low light and outdoor location such as a bar, outdoor kitchen, fire pits kitchen, camping kitchen, etc. This kitchen theme does not have smooth and glossy exterior but it is very durable and long-lasting for outdoor usage. The counter-top usually has a smooth and flat surface for easy food preparation and cutlery placing. Stone material in overall has a better fire-resistant property so using it for the outdoor stove would be more suitable and the weather-resistant able to maintain the same outlook for a long period of time.
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